InkJetArt Micro Ceramic Luster Photo Paper
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We no longer offer this paper option. We have replaced it with Epson Premium Luster Paper

InkJetArt Micro Ceramic Luster Photo Paper has a semi-gloss photo finish, perfect for images that require that extra "pop" in saturation.

It does have medium reflective properties, which makes it difficult to view the image at certain angles (not as reflective as high-gloss, however). This paper experiences a high Gloss Differential, which can be subdued futher by using a spray such as Lyson Print Guard or Premier Art Print Shield by making the reflection uniform.

If you are looking for a paper with even less gloss differential, try the Ilford Gallerie Series papers.

An exciting quality of this paper is the "orange peel" texture, better known as Luster. This texture resists finger prints!

Specifications for InkJetArt Micro
Ceramic Photo Paper
Gloss Differential (before any spraying)