Finish & Texture

Glossy and Semi-Gloss Media is sometimes desirable for a strong saturation, giving your images theat extra "pop" that is inherent in highly reflective surfaces.

We offer glossy surfaces in three different finishes:

High-Gloss. High Gloss is just what is says, a highly reflective finish with a smooth texture.
Pearl (semi-gloss). Pearl is a semi-gloss finish with a smooth texture. Luster (semi-gloss). Luster is also a semi-gloss finish, but has an "orange peel" texture, also similar to the texture of many PC monitor cases.

Gloss Differential

One disadvantage of archival inkjet printing on glossy photo paper is the phenomenon called "bronzing," or "gloss differential." Gloss differential is what happens when light is directly reflected towards the viewer from off of the print.

The result is darkened, or "bronzed," reflections where ink has been laid, and full reflection (blown-out highlights) where little to no ink has been laid. This is a concern, but not a huge problem considering the fact the photographic prints aren't that much easier to distinguish from such an angle.

Solution: Lyson Print Guard cuts down the bronzing to a minimum by making the reflection uniform. We do offer this spry at $2.00/ sq. ft.

If this is still an issue, think about printing on
Photo Matte Paper and then applying a lacquer or lamination. We do offer lamination, contact us for details.

High Gloss Differential: Medium Gloss Differential: Low Gloss Differential:
Natural White.