We print directly on Canvases! This is an exciting prospect over traditional methods of pressing photographic images onto canvases. We have two of the best canvases available, and stick to them because they are all we need. They are:

Illuminata Fine Art Canvas | Epson (Premier Art) Canvas

Guide to picking the right canvas
There are four things to consider when choosing the canvas best suited for you:
Canvas Finishes

Finishes come in two flavors: Matte and Semi-Gloss.

Matte canvas is a photographer's dream come true. Artisits don't always agree, as their artwork is generally expected to be painted with oils or acrylic and sprayed with a varnish. Therefore the industry standard for art is a Semi-Gloss or Glossy finish.

However, matte canvas can be sprayed with any spray to give it ANY finish (i.e. semi-gloss). So if you plan on spraying your canvases, the original finish doesn't matter.

Matte Canvas:
Semi-Gloss Canvases:
Canvas Tooth

"Tooth" is a definition used by the fine art industry to denote how tight the canvas weave is.

Strong Tooth canvases have a weave that is less tight, less uniform. Basically you can see the uneven bumps on the surface. This is very desirable for most any artist, as the uneveness of the weave creates more random reflections off the canvas. This makes the canvas more identifiable as...canvas.

Canvases with Good Tooth:

Canvases with a Fair Tooth: