Arches Infinity
Smooth & Textured Surfaces; Sheet & Roll Stock
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Arches Infinity is a natural white 100% cotton rag, acid-free paper designed for the professional artist reproduction. It also produces excellent photographic prints. It has good D-max (black) depth and color saturation performance compared to most fine art papers we have tested.

It comes in both a smooth surface (similar to arches hot press) as well as a textured surface (similar to arches cold press). This surface is sensitive to scratches, and it is often recommended to protect the surface with a spray. We do offer a protective spray for $2.00/ sq. ft.

Arches Infinity comes in rolls at 230 gsm.

Specifications of Arches Infinity
Natural White
Smooth or Textured
Surface Stability
D-Max & Color Saturation
230 gsm