Determining Which Printing Service Suits Your Needs

(when is it worth to waive or not to waive the $50 set-up fee?)

If you are interested in waiving the $50 set-up fee, consider the quality that is included in that service fee. Here is a breakdown of the two divisions of our company, and the differences in services:

Our Two Printing Divisions:

$50 set-up fee - Color Quality Control
(fee applies to first print of each file)

Bair Art Editions caters to serious artists and fine art photographers. Services include:
  • Reproduction of fine artwork from originals, film photographs of originals, or digital files of the original
  • Artwork originating as a digital file, including all forms of digital art.
  • Photography. Including film scanning and giclee printing of digitally captured or manipulated files.
  • Color match proofing of your 8 x 10 match print to ensure the best possible color fidelity, and/or color match proofing to the original artwork.
We are capable of:
  • 8 x 10" to 40 x 60" prints (we can print up to 44" x 100')
  • Prints on glossy, luster, canvas, watercolor, and photo matte surfaces.
  • Scanning up to 8 x 10" film, and any size original artwork (digitally photographed)

No set-up fee - No color correction/control

Big Digital Prints is set up more economically to print large-format images. Those seeking enlarged images but aren't worried about exact color matching should use this service. Services include:
  • Printing only made from digital files.
  • Prints on watercolor paper, photo paper, photo matte paper, and canvas.
  • Print sizes ranging from 8 x 10" to 40 x 60" (we can print up to 44" x 100')
Services do NOT include:
  • Artwork reproduction from the original art (you can, however scan it yourself, or have it reproduced through Bair Art Editions)
  • Color matching. We print the digital file straight, we do not accept match prints with this division. Those who understand color and are seeking accurate output should use Bair Art Editions.
  • Film Scanning. Bair Art Editions provides this service.

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